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What are US SSN Numbers?

A US SSN (Social Security Number) is a nine-digit number issued by the United States government to US citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents.

Individuals in the US are asked to provide their SSN to file tax returns, apply for credit cards, open bank accounts, obtain government benefits, make major purchases, and many more.

SSN is composed of three parts:

1. Area Number: The first three digits - It was used to represent the residential area of the owner of SSN.

From 1936 to 1972, one or more area numbers were allocated to each state. SSN numbers were issued by 12 regional centers to residents with area numbers allocated to their home states. For example, residents in New Hampshire were issued with SSN numbers with area numbers of 001 to 003. Residents in Hawaii were issued with SSN numbers with area numbers of 575 to 576.

Since 1972, SSN numbers have been issued from a single central office in Baltimore, MD. The area number was assigned based on the zip code associated with the mailing address of the applicant.

But in 2011, US government started to randomly assign SSNs from the remaining pool of available numbers, and the first three digits would no longer have any geographic significance.

2. Group Number: The fourth and fifth digits - It is used to divid SSN numbers into groups (or pools) of 10,000.

Note that the group numbers from 01 to 99 (00 is not used) are assigned using a special procedure described below:

  • The odd-numbered group numbers from 01 to 09 are assigned first.
  • Then even-numbered group numbers 10 through 98 are assigned.
  • Then even-numbered group numbers 02 through 08 are assigned.
  • Finally odd-numbered group numbers 11 through 99 are assigned.

3. Serial Number: The last four digits - It is used as the serial number of SSN from 0001 to 9999 (0000 is not used).

US Social Security Number (SSN)
US Social Security Number (SSN)


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