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Operational Testing:

Software Testing Methodolog

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Operational Testing:

Usage " To verify that before application goes to production the operating procedures and staff can properly execute the application.
" Evaluation of process and execution of process .
Objectives " Determine that System can execute normally during operating the system.
" Determine completeness of documentation of computer operator.
" Evaluate that operator training is complete.
" Ensure that support mechanism has been prepared and working properly.
" Check that operators can operate the computer system properly.
How to Use " Requirements phase - operational requirements are evaluated to find that the requirements are reasonable and complete.
" Design phase - Operating procedures are created and evaluated.
" Operations testing can be carried out " In conjunction " with other tests.
When to use " Should take place before placing application system into production.
Examples " Verifying file labeling and protection functions are working properly.
" Determine system can run using document.

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