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What's Data integrity?

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What's Data integrity?

Data stored in the database should include such items as the catalog, pricing, shipping tables, tax tables, order database, and customer information. Testng must verify the integrity of the stored data. Testing should be done on a regular basis because data changes over time.

Data integrity tests

Data integrity can be tested as follows to ensure that the data is valid and not corrupt:

  • Test the creation, modification, and deletion of data in tables as specified in the business requirement.
  • Test to make sure that sets of radio buttons represent a fixed set of values. You should also check for NULL or EMPTY values.
  • Test to make sure that data is save to the database and that each values gets saved fully. You should watch for the truncation of strings and that numeric values are not rounded off.
  • Test to make sure that default values are stored and saved.
  • Test the compatibility with old data. You should ensure that all updates do not affect the data you have on file in your database.

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