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Three Waves of Software Development

Software Testing Methodolog

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Three Waves of Software Development

Wave Type of application Development Style Test style
1. Desktop Event-Driven framwork surrounds individual procedural functions The common style is to have a hierarchical set of menus presenting a set of commands. Test each function agaist a written functions specification.
2. Client/Server Structured programming command organized into hierachical menu lists with each client function having its own code. The common style is to combine a common dropdown menu bar with graphical windows contain controls. Test each function against a written functional specification and test the server for its throughput to server clients.
3. Web-enabled Visual Integrated development tools facilitate object-oriented design patterns. The common style is to provide multiple paths to accomplishing tasks. (The net effect is that you can't just walk through a set of hierarchical menus and arrive at the same test result any more.) Capture/record/ playable watches how an application is used and then provides reports comparing how the playback differed from the original recording.

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