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Functional Acceptance Simple Test

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Functional Acceptance Simple Test

The functional acceptance simple test(FAST) is run on each development release to check that key features of the program are appropriately accessible and functioning properly on the at least one test configuration (preferable the minimum or common configuration).This test suite consists of simple test cases that check the lowest level of functionality for each command- to ensure that task-oriented functional tests(TOFTs) cna be performed on the program. The objective is to decompose the functionality of a program down to the command level and then apply test cases to check that each command works as intended. No attention is paid to the combination of these basic commands, the context of the feature that is formed by these combined commands, or the end result of the overall feature. For example, FAST for a File/Save As menu command checks that the Save As dialog box displays. However, it does not validate that the overall file-saving feature works nor does it validate the integrity of save files.

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