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Structural System Testing Techniques

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Structural System Testing Techniques

Compliance Testing:

Usage " To verify that application was developed in accordance to Information Technology standards, procedures and guidelines.
Objectives " To ensure compliance to methodology
" To ensure to compliance to departmental standards, procedures and guidelines.
" Help Testing professionals to comply with the methodology.
" Determining system development and maintenance methodologies are followed.
" Determining that application system documentation is complete and reasonable.
How to Use " Necessary that the documents / programs prepared for a system is reviewed (peer review).
When to use " Compliance to IT procedures, standards and guidelines depends upon the management when they desire to make these procedures and standards to be followed.
" In order to compliance with the standards and procedures the management needs to find out the degree of compliance to be adhered and then find out who the violators are.
Examples " Standards followed
" Documentation complete.

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