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Structural System Testing Techniques

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Structural System Testing Techniques

Stress Testing:

Usage " To determine if the system can function when subject to large volumes.
" It includes testing of
input transactions
Internal tables
Disk Space
Out put
Computer capacity
Interaction with people.
Objectives " To simulate production environment
" Normal or above normal volumes of transactions can be processed through the transaction within expected time frame.
" Application system would be able to process larger volume of data.
" System capacity should have sufficient resources to meet expected turnaround time.
How to Use " It should simulate as closely as possible to production environment.
" Online system should be stress tested with users entering test data with normal or above normal pace.
" Batch system should be tested with huge volumes/ numbers of batches
" The test conditions should have error conditions.
" Transactions used in stress testing are obtained from following 3 sources :
Test data generators
Test transactions created by test group
Transactions which were previously used in production.
" In stress testing the system should run as it would in the production environment.
When to use " When there is uncertainty that system will work with huge volumes of data and without generating any faults.
" Attempt is made to break system with huge amount of data.
" Most commonly used technique to test for online transaction systems as other
techniques are not effective.
Examples " Sufficient disk space allocated
" Communication lines are adequate
Disadvantage " Amount of time taken to prepare for testing
" Amount of resources utilized during test execution.

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