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What's "black-box" (or functional) testing

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What's "black-box" (or functional) testing

Black Box Testing is testing without knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested. The Outside world comes into contact with the test items, --only through the application interface ,,, an internal module interface, or the INPUT/OUTPUT description of a batch process. They check whether interface definitions are adhered to in all situation and whether the product conform to all fixed requirements. Test cases are created based on the task descriptions.

Black Box Testing assumes that the tester does not know anything about the application that is going to be tested. The tester needs to understand what the program should do, and this is achieved through the business requirements and meeting and talking with users.

Funcional tests: This type of tests will evaluate a specific operating condition using inputs and validating results. Functional tests are designed to test boundaries. A combination of correst and incorrect data should be used in this type of test.

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