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Error - Handling Testing Technique :

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Error - Handling Testing Technique :

Background " Pre determination of Error handling features is the basic difference between Automated and manual systems.
" Manual System: can deal with problems as they occur.
" Automated Systems: Must pre program error handling.
Usage " It determines the ability of applications system to process the incorrect transactions properly
" Errors encompass all unexpected conditions.
" In some system approx. 50% of programming effort will be devoted to handling error condition.
Objectives " Determine:
" Application system recognizes all expected error conditions.
" Accountability of processing errors has been assigned and procedures provide a high probability that errors will be properly corrected.
" During correction process reasonable control is maintained over errors.
How to Use " A group of knowledgeable people is required to anticipate what can go wrong in the application system.
" It is needed that all the application knowledgeable people assemble to integrate their knowledge of user area, auditing and error tracking.
" Then logical test error conditions should be created based on this assimilated information.
" The error handling testing technique should test -
Processing of error
Control condition
Reentry of condition is proper or not.
" The iterative process should be used where first the errors in the system trapped should be corrected and then the corrected system should be re-tested to check the authenticity of application operation and to complete the error handling testing cycle.
" Tester should think negatively to trap errors.
" Testers should determine how the system should fail so that they can test to determine if the software can properly process the erroneous data.
When to use " Throughout SDLC
" Impact from errors should be identified and should be corrected to reduce the errors to acceptable level.
" Used to assist in error management process of system development and maintenance.
Examples " Create a set of erroneous transactions and enter them into the application system then find out whether the system is able to identify the problems.
" Using iterative testing enters transactions and trap errors. Correct them. Then enter transactions with errors, which were not present in the system earlier.

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