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Desktop application development and Test automation

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Desktop application development and Test automation

The software was written to provide a friendly interface for information workers: Spreadsheet jockeys, business people needing written reports, and game players. The full spectrum of desktop software could pretty well be categorized into spreadsheet, wordprocessor, database, and entertainment categories since desktop computers were rarely networked to other information resources. Desktop applications used the keyboard, and then later a mouse, to navigate through windows and a drop-down menu. Inside a desktop application software package one would find an event-driven framework surrounding individual procedural functions. The automation focused on improving the time it took to test a desktop application for functionality. The test utilities link into desktop applications and try each command as though a user were accessing the menu and window commands. Most QA technicians testing a desktop application compare the function of all the menus and windows to a written functional specification document. The variation from the document to the performance shows the relative health of a desktop application.

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