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Black-Box testing on Window-based Application

Software Testing Methodolog

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Black-Box testing on Window-based Application

Editable Fields Checking and Validation:

  • Valid/invalid characters/strings data in all editable fields
  • Valid minimum/maximum/mid range values in fields
  • Null strings (or no data ) in required fields
  • Record length (character limit)in text/memo fields
  • Cut/copy/paste into/from fields when possible

Not Editable Fields Checking:

  • Check for all test/spelling in warnings and error messages/dialogs
  • Invoke/check all menu items and their options

Application Usability:

  • Appearance an outlook (Placement an alignment of objects on screen)
  • User Interface Test (open all menus, check all items)
  • Basic functionality checking (File+Open+Save, etc..)
  • Right mouse clicking sensitivity
  • Resize/min/max/restore app, windows (check min app size)
  • Scrollability when applicable (scrollbars, keyboard, autoscrolling)
  • Keyboard and mouse navigation, highlighting, dragging, drag/drop
  • Print in landscape an portrait modes
  • Check F1, What's This , Help menu
  • Short-cut and Accelerator keys
  • Tab Key order and Navigation in all dialog boxes and menus

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