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How to execute a testing?

Software Testing Methodolog

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How to execute a testing?

Usage " To determine whether the system achieves the desired level of proficiency in the production status.
" Used to verify -
Response time
Turn around time
Design performance.
" Test execution can be done using the simulated system and actual system.
" The system either can be tested as a whole or in parts.
Objectives " To determine whether the system can meet the specific performance criteria
" Verify whether system make optimum use of hardware and software.
" Determining response time to online use requests
" Determining transaction processing turnaround time.
How to Use " Can be performed in any phase of SDLC
" Used to evaluate single aspect of system
" Executed in following manner -
Using h/w and s/w monitor
Simulation of functioning using simulation model
Creating quick or dirty programs to evaluate approximate performance of completed system.
When to use " Should be used early in SDLC
" Should be performed when it is known that the results can be used to make changes to the system structure.
Examples " Transaction turnaround time adequacy
" Optimum use of h/w and s/w.

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