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What's System-Level Test

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What's System-Level Test

System-level tests consists of batteris of tests that are designed to fully exercise a program as a whole and check that all elements of the integrated system function properly.

Functional System Testing

System tests check that the software functions properly from end-to-end. The components of the system include: A database, Web-enable application software modules, Web servers, Web-enabled application frameworks deploy Web browser software, TCP/IP networking routers, media servers to stream audio and video, and messaging services for email.

A common mistake of test professionals is to believe that they are conducting system tests while they are actually testing a single component of the system. For example, checking that the Web server returns a page is not a system test if the page contains only a static HTML page.

System testing is the process of testing an integrated hardware and software system to verify that the system meets its specified requirements. It verifies proper execution of the entire set of application components including interfaces to other applications. Project teams of developers and test analysts are responsible for ensuring that this level of testing is performed.

System testing checklist include question about:

  • Functional completeness of the system or the add-on module
  • Runtime behavior on various operating system or different hardware configurantions.
  • Installability and configurability on various systems
  • Capacity limitation (maximum file size, number of records, maximum number of concurrent users, etc.)
  • Behavior in response to problems in the programming environment (system crash, unavailable network, full hard-disk, printer not ready)
  • Protection against unauthorized access to data and programs.

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