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Other important Database and security feature

Software Testing Methodolog

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Other important Database and security feature

  • Credite Card Transaction
  • Shopping Carts
  • Payment Transaction Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
SSL is leading security protocol on the Internet.
When an SSL session is started, the server sends its publice key to the browser, which the browser uses to send a randomly generated secret key back to the server to have a secret key exchange for that session.
SSL is a protocol that is submitted to the WWW consortium (W3C) working group on security for consideration as a standard security hanhshake that is used to initiate the TCP/IP connection. This handshake results in the client and server agreeing on the level of security that they will use, and this will fulfill any authentication requirements for the connection. SSL's role is to encrypt and decrypt the byte stream of the application protocol being used. This means the all the inofrmation in both the HTTP request and the HTTP response are fully encrypted, including the URL the client is requesting, any submitted form contents (such as credit card numbers), anty HTTP access authorization information (user names and passwords), and all the data returned from the server to the client.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)
TLS is a majo security standard on the internet. TLS is backward compatible with SSL and use Triple Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption.

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