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Requirements Testing Technique :

Software Testing Methodolog

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Requirements Testing Technique :

Usage " To ensure that system performs correctly
" To ensure that correctness can be sustained for a considerable period of time.
" System can be tested for correctness through all phases of SDLC but incase of reliability the programs should be in place to make system operational.
Objectives " Successfully implementation of user requirements
" Correctness maintained over considerable period of time
" Processing of the application complies with the organization's policies and procedures.
" Secondary users needs are fulfilled -
Security officer
Internal auditors
Record retention
How to Use " Test conditions created
These test conditions are generalized ones, which becomes test cases as the SDLC progresses until system is fully operational.
Test conditions are more effective when created from user's requirements.
Test conditions if created from documents then if there are any error in the documents those will get incorporated in Test conditions and testing would not be able to find those errors.
Test conditions if created from other sources (other than documents) error trapping is effective.
" Functional Checklist created.
When to use " Every application should be Requirement tested
" Should start at Requirements phase and should progress till operations and maintenance phase.
" The method used to carry requirement testing and the extent of it is important.
Examples " Creating test matrix to prove that system requirements as documented are the requirements desired by the user.
" Creating checklist to verify that application complies to the organizational policies and procedures.

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