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Which products does Rational Robot Installs with?

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Which products does Rational Robot Installs with?

ClearQuest - Change-Request management tool that tracks and manages defects and change requests through the development process.
Rational LogViewer and Comparators- are the tools you use to view logs and test results created when you playback scripts.
Rational Robot - is the tool that you used to develop both GUI and VU (virtual user) scripts.
SQL Anywhere - A database product to help create, maintain and run your Rational repositories.
Rational Test Manager - is the component that you use to plan your tests, manage your test asses, and run queries and reports.
Rational Administrator - is the component that you use to create and manage repositories.
Rational SiteCheck - is the component that you use to test the structural integrity of your intranet or www site.
Additional Rational Products available only with Rational Suite TestStudio or PerformanceStudio:
Test Factory - Component based testing tool that automatically generates TestFactory scripts according to the applications navigational structure.
Diagnostic Tools
Rational Purify - is a comprehensive C/C++ run time error checking tool.
Rational Visual Quantify - is an performance profiler that provides performance analysis of a product, to aid in improving performance of the code.
Rational Visual PureCoverage - is a customizable code coverage analysis tool that provides detailed application analysis and ensure that all code has been exercised.
Performance Studio - Tool used for automating performance tests on client/server systems.
Rational Synchronizer - Tool used to share data from rational rose, requisite pro and rational robot.
RequisitePro - Create, define requirements for your development process. The baseline version is incorporated into Rational Team Test. The full version in Rational Studio TestSuite allows you to customize requirements databases, and additional features like tracability, change notification and attribute management.

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