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How to set up and use proxy recording?

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How to set up and use proxy recording?

  • Start Robot on the proxy computer.
  • In the Proxy Administration dialog box, match up the proxy computer and port with each server to be used in the test.
  • In the Method:Proxy Method:Proxy Method:Proxy Method:Proxy tab of the Session Record Options dialog box, match up each client with the server it will send requests to. Be sure to specify the actual server and not the proxy computer.
  • Configure each client to send requests to the proxy computer, not to the server. For example, if the client will be sending requests to an Oracle database, use the Oracle client configuration software to specify the proxy computerís address and port number, not the serverís.
  • On each client computer, a tester should start the client application and navigate to the point where recording will begin.
  • On the proxy computer, enable recording (File File File File > Record Session Record Session Record Session Record Session).
  • With recording enabled, each tester at each client computer performs the transactions to record.
  • When all transactions are complete, stop recording on the proxy computer.

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