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What Are Key Concepts in the Rational Unified Process ?

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What Are Key Concepts in the Rational Unified Process ?

  • A discipline shows all activities that produce a particular set of software assets. RUP describes development disciplines at an overview level - including a summary of all roles, workflows, activities, and artifacts that are involved.
  • A role is defined as the behavior and responsibilities of an individual or a group of individuals on a project team. One person can act in the capacity of several roles over the course of a project. Conversely, many people can act in the capacity of a single role in a project. Roles are responsible for creating artifacts.
  • A workflow is the sequence of activities that workers perform toward a common goal. A workflow diagram serves as a high-level map for a set of related activities. The arrows between activities represent the typical, though not required, flow of work between activities.
  • A activity is a unit of work that is performed by a particular role. It is a set of ordered steps, like a recipe, for creating an artifact.
  • A artifact is something a role produces as the result of performing an activity. In RUP, the artifacts produced in one activity are often used as input into other activities. An artifact can be small or large, simple or complex, formal or informal. Examples of artifacts are: a test plan, a vision document, a model of a system°Įs architecture, a script that automates builds, or application code.

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