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How to copy a verification point?

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How to copy a verification point?

  1. Right-click the verification point in the Asset (left) pane and click Copy.
  2. In the same script or in a different script (in the same project), right-click Verification Points in the Asset pane.
  3. Click Paste to paste a copy of the verification point and its associated files into the project. If a verification point with that name already exists, Robot appends a unique number to the name. You can also copy and paste by dragging the verification point to Verification Points in the Asset pane.
  4. Click the top of the Script (right) pane of the original script.
  5. Click Edit > Find and locate the line with the verification point name that you just copied.
  6. Select the entire line, which starts with Result=.
  7. Click Edit > Copy.
  8. Return to the script that you used in step 2. Click the location in the script where you want to paste the line. Click Edit > Paste.
  9. Change the name of the verification point to match the name in the Asset pane.

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