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What's Rational SiteCheck ?

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What's Rational SiteCheck ?

Rational SiteCheck to test the structural integrity of your intranet or World Wide Web site. SiteCheck is designed to help you view, track, and maintain your rapidly changing site. Use SiteCheck to:

  • Visualize the structure of your Web site and display the relationship between each page and the rest of the site.
  • Identify and analyze Web pages with active content, such as forms, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, and Visual Basic Script (VBScript).
  • Filter information so that you can inspect specific file types and defects, including broken links.
  • Examine and edit the source code for any Web page, with color-coded text.
  • Update and repair files using the integrated editor, or configure your favorite HTML editor to perform modifications to HTML files.
  • Perform comprehensive testing of secure Web sites. SiteCheck provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support, proxy server configuration, and support for multiple password realms.

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