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Verification point type

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Verification point type

1. Alphanumeric:
Captures and tests alphanumeric data in Windows objects that contain text, such as edit boxes, check boxes, group boxes, labels, push buttons, radio buttons, toolbars, and windows (captions).
2. Clipboard:
Captures and compares alphanumeric data that has been copied to the Clipboard.
3. File Comparison:
Compares two specified files during playback.
4. File Existence:
Verifies the existence of a specified file during playback.
5. Menu:
Captures and compares the menu title, menu items, shortcut keys, and the state of selected menus.
6. Module Existence:
Verifies whether a specified module is loaded into a specified context (process), or is loaded anywhere in memory.
7. Object Data
Captures and compares the data inside standard Windows objects.
8. Object Properties
Captures and compares the properties of standard Windows objects.
9. Region Image
Captures a region of the screen as a bitmap.
10. Web Site Compare
Captures a baseline of a Web site and compares it to the Web site at another point in time.
11. Web Site Scan
Checks the contents of a Web site with every revision and ensures that changes have not resulted in defects.
12. Window Existence:
Verifies the existence and status of a specified window during playback.
13. Window Image:
Captures a window as a bitmap.

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