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Robot has two recording modes

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Robot has two recording modes

1. Object-Oriented Recording mode
Examines objects in the application-under-test at the Windows layer during recording and playback. Robot uses internal object names to identify objects, instead of using mouse movements or absolute screen coordinates. If objects in your applicationís graphical user interface (GUI) change locations, your tests still pass because the scripts are not location dependent. As a result, Object-Oriented Recording insulates the GUI script from minor user interface changes and simplifies GUI script maintenance.
2. Low-level recording mode
Tracks detailed mouse movements and keyboard actions by screen coordinates and exact timing. Use low-level recording when you are testing functionality that requires the tracking of detailed mouse actions, such as in painting, drawing, or CAD applications.

To switch between the two modes during recording, do one of the following:
------Press CTRL+SHIFT+R.
------Click the Open Robot Window button on the GUI Record toolbar (or press CTRL+SHIFT+F) to bring Robot to the foreground. Click Record > Turn Low-Level Recording On/Off.

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