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What's a block's characteristics?

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What's a block's characteristics?

  • A block begins with the comment. In the VU language, a block begins like this:
    /* Start_Block "BlockName" */
  • Robot automatically starts a timer at the start of the block. In the VU language, the timer looks like this:
    start_time ["BlockName"] _fs_ts;
    Typically, the start_time emulation command is inserted after the first action, but with an argument to use a read-only variable that refers to the start of the first action.
  • The ID of every emulation command in a block is constructed the same way that is, by the block name followed by a unique, three-digit autonumber. For example, in the VU language:
    http_header_recv ["BlockName002"] 200;
    When you end a block, command IDs are constructed as they were before you started the block. For example, if the last command ID before the block was Script025, the next command ID after the block will be Script026.
  • A block ends with a stop_time command plus a comment. For example, in the VU language:
    stop_time ["BlockName"]; /* Stop_Block */
  • A script can have up to 50 blocks.

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