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How to set and clear breakpoints?

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How to set and clear breakpoints?

  1. If necessary, open a script by clicking File > Open> Script.
  2. Place the pointer on the line where you want to set a new breakpoint or clear an existing breakpoint. You can only place a breakpoint on a line where an SQABasic command is executed. Breakpoints on comments, labels, and blank lines are not supported. Also, there are a very few commands that do not support breakpoints (for example, Dim and Sub).
  3. Click once to insert a blinking text cursor. (You can also highlight the entire line or any part of the line.)
  4. Click Debug > Set or Clear Breakpoint. If you set a breakpoint, Robot inserts a solid red circle in the left margin or highlights the line. If you clear a breakpoint, Robot removes the circle or highlighting.
  5. If you set a breakpoint, click Debug > Go. Robot executes as far as the breakpoint, and then displays a yellow arrow in the left margin of that line or highlights the line.

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