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What two kind of GUI scripts using Rational Robot?

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What two kind of GUI scripts using Rational Robot?

1. functional testing
2. sessions for performance testing.

  • Perform full functional testing. Record and play back scripts that navigate through your application and test the state of objects through verification points.
  • Perform full performance testing. Use Robot and TestManager together to record and play back sessions that help you determine whether a multi-client system is performing within user-defined standards under varying loads.
  • Create and edit scripts using the SQABasic and VU scripting environments. The Robot editor provides color-coded commands with keyword Help for powerful integrated programming during script development. (VU scripting is used with sessions in performance testing.)
  • Test applications developed with IDEs such as Java, HTML, Visual Basic, Oracle Forms, Delphi, and PowerBuilder. You can test objects even if they are not visible in the applicationís interface.
  • Collect diagnostic information about an application during script playback. Robot is integrated with Rational Purify, Rational Quantify, and Rational PureCoverage. You can play back scripts under a diagnostic tool and see the results in the log.

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