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How to Define and populate the datapool?

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How to Define and populate the datapool?

  1. To insert one or more new columns into the datapool file:
    a. Click the row located either just before or just after the location where you want to insert the new datapool column. (Note that the order in which datapool column names are listed in Name determines the order in which values are stored in a datapool record.)
    An arrow appears next to the name of the datapool row you clicked.
    b. Click either Insert before or Insert after, depending on where you want to insert the datapool column.
    c. Type a name for the new datapool column (40 characters maximum).
    Make sure there is a script variable of the same name listed in the Configure Datapool in Test Script dialog box. The case of the names must match.
  2. For each datapool column in the grid, assign a data type to the column, and modify the default property values for the column as appropriate.
  3. When finished defining datapool columns, type a number in the No. of records to generate field.
    If a different row has to be retrieved with each fetch, make sure the datapool has at least as many rows as the number of users (and user iterations) that will be requesting rows at runtime.
  4. Click Generate Data.
    You cannot generate data for a datapool that has more than 150 columns. Alternatively, if you do not want to generate any data now, click Save to save your datapool column definitions, and then click Close.
  5. Optionally, click Yes to see a brief summary of the generated data.

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