MicrosoftWebDriver WebDriver Server


What is MicrosoftWebDriver WebDriver server?



MicrosoftWebDriver WebDriver server is server program that supports the WebDriver communication interface for you to remotely access and control the Microsoft Edge Web browser.

You can download and install MicrosoftWebDriver WebDriver server as shown in this tutorial.

1. Go to Microsoft Edge Driver Website.

2. Click on "Release 17134" to start the download.

3. Save the download file to C:\fyicenter\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe

4. Copy the download file to C:\fyicenter\selenium\edgedriver folder.

5. Verify the Microsoft Edge Driver:

C:\fyicenter>\fyicenter\selenium\edgedriver\MicrosoftWebDriver.exe --help 
   MicrosoftWebDriver [OPTIONS]

   --host=HostName    Host IP to use for the WebDriver server (default: localhost)
   --port=PortNumber  Port to use for the WebDriver server (default: 17556)
   --package=Package  ApplicationUserModelId (AUMID) for the application 
                      to be launched by the WebDriver server
   --verbose          Outputs requests received and responses sent by the 
                      WebDriver server
   --silent           Outputs nothing

As you can see, MicrosoftWebDriver WebDriver is installed correctly.


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