Load Web Page in ChromeDriver WebDriver Session


How to load Web page in a browser session with ChromeDriver WebDriver server?

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If you have a new session created on the ChromeDriver WebDriver server, you can follow this tutorial to load a Web page in the session using the "POST /session/{id}/url" service:

1. Enter the following Python script to load a Web page in an existing session. Remember to copy the session ID from the output of the previous tutorial.

C:\fyicenter> type PostSessionUrlChrome.py

# PostSessionUrlChrome.py
# Copyright (c) FYIcenter.com 
import requests

data = """
{"url": "http://sqa.fyicenter.com"}
id = "d1e9fd4561397db9b4deb2cb5bbd0dbf"
res = requests.post("http://localhost:9515/session/"+id+"/url", data)
print("Status: " + str(res.status_code))
print("Body: " + str(res.content))

res = requests.get("http://localhost:9515/session/"+id+"/url")
print("Status: " + str(res.status_code))
print("Body: " + str(res.content))

5. Run the Python script:

C:\fyicenter> python PostSessionUrlChrome.py

Status: 200
Body: b'{"value":null}'

Status: 200
Body: b'{"value":"http://sqa.fyicenter.com/"}'

You should see that the Web page loaded properly in the browser.


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