Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver Server


What is Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server?



Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server is server program that supports the WebDriver communication interface for you to remotely access and control the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

You can download and install Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server as shown in this tutorial.

1. Go to Mozilla GeckoDriver Website.

2. Click on "" to start the download.

3. Save the download file to C:\fyicenter\

4. Unzip the download file to C:\fyicenter\selenium\geckodriver folder.

5. Verify the Mozilla GeckoDriver:

C:\fyicenter>\fyicenter\selenium\geckodriver\geckodriver.exe --help

geckodriver 0.24.0
WebDriver implementation for Firefox.

    geckodriver.exe [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

        --connect-existing    Connect to an existing Firefox instance
    -h, --help                Prints help information
        --jsdebugger          Attach browser toolbox debugger for Firefox
    -v                        Log level verbosity (-v for debug and -vv for trace level)
    -V, --version             Prints version and copying information

    -b, --binary <BINARY>           Path to the Firefox binary
        --log <LEVEL>               Set Gecko log level [possible values: fatal, error, warn, info, 
                                    config, debug, trace]
        --marionette-host <HOST>    Host to use to connect to Gecko (default:
        --marionette-port <PORT>    Port to use to connect to Gecko (default: system-allocated port)
        --host <HOST>               Host ip to use for WebDriver server (default:
    -p, --port <PORT>               Port to use for WebDriver server (default: 4444)

As you can see, Mozilla GeckoDriver is installed correctly.


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