Start GeckoDriver WebDriver Server


How to start Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server?



You can start Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server as shown in this tutorial.

1. Open a command line window and run geckodriver.exe. You see GeckoDriver WebDriver Server is running and listening on port 4444.

C:\fyicenter> \fyicenter\selenium\geckodriver\geckodriver.exe --log debug

1566134801480   webdriver::httpapi      DEBUG   Creating routes
1566134801487   geckodriver     DEBUG   Listening on

2. Run the WebDriver "GET /status" service with the "curl" command:

C:\fyicenter> curl http://localhost:4444/status


As you can see, Mozilla GeckoDriver WebDriver server is ready to use on port 4444.

You can also use JMeter or other HTTP client tools scripts to run WebDriver services.


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