Parameter Types of REST API in SoapUI


What types of REST API parameters are supported in SoapUI?



SoapUI REST projects support the following types of REST API parameters:

1. Query Parameter - Query parameters are parameters encoded in the query string of the final requesting URL. For example, "" contains one query parameter: format=xml.

2. Template Parameter - Template parameters are parameters enbedded in the resource identification part of the final requesting URL. For example, "{symbol}/quote" is REST API URL template that has one template parameter: symbol.

3. Header Parameter - Header parameters are parameters included as headers in the final HTTP request. For example, the following HTTP request contains one header parameter: X-Api-Key: DEMO_KEY.


5. Matrix Parameter - Matrix parameters are parameters included in the final requesting URL after the resource path and before the query string. For example, ";mode=test?format=xml" contains one matrix parameter: mode=test.


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