Add "Not SOAP Fault" Assertion to SOAP Request


How to Add "Not SOAP Fault" Assertion to a SOAP Request? I want to ensure the SOAP request always returns good response with no errors.



You can follow this tutorial to Add "Not SOAP Fault" Assertion to SOAP Request.

1. Open NDFD-soapui.xml project in SoapUI.

2. Double-click on "SOAP Request" you added as a test step in the test case. You see the "SOAP Request" window.

3. Click on "Assertions" tab at the bottom of the request window. You see the assertion section opened with 1 assertion: SOAP Response, which ensures the response is valid SOAP message.

4. Click on "+" icon. You see the "Add Assertion" window.

5. Click "Compliance, Status and Standards > Not SOAP Fault" and click "Add". You see 2 assertions listed now:

SOAP Response
Not SOAP Fault

6. Run the request again. You see both assertions passed and showing as VALID.

The picture below shows you how to Run SOAP Test Case in SoapUI:
'Not SOAP Fault' Assertion for SOAP Request


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