Clone SOAP Request in SOAP Test Case


How to clone a SOAP Request in a SOAP Test Case? I want create new SOAP request similar to an existing SOAP request.



You can follow this tutorial to clone an existing SOAP request to save time and avoid mistake when creating new test steps.

1. Open NDFD-soapui.xml project in SoapUI.

2. Right-click on "SOAP Request" you want to clone from. Add select "Clone TestStep" from the context menu. You see the "Clone TestStep" window.

3. Enter "SOAP Request Error" as the "TestStep Name" and click "OK". You see a new test step created.

4. Double-click "SOAP Request Error" to open it.

5. Review the request message of the new SOAP request. The request message should be the same as the old request.

6. Save the project file.

The picture below shows you how to Clone SOAP Request in SOAP Test Case:
Clone SOAP Request in SOAP Test Case


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