Create SOAP Project with WSDL Document


How to Create a SOAP Project with a WSDL Document?



Most SOAP Web service providers offers WSDL documents to describe their Web services. You can create SOAP test projects in SoapUI with a given WSDL document as shown in this tutorial.

1. Open in a Web browser and read the NDFD (National Digital Forecast Database) Web service description.

2. Start SoapUI on your computer.

3. Click "File > New SOAP Project". You see the "New SOAP Project" dialog box.

4. Enter the following information:

Project Name: NDFD Web Service
Initial WSDL:
Create Request: [x] Create sample requests for all operations?

5. Click "OK". You see "NDFD Web Service" created with the following objects:

Project: NDFD Web Service
Interface: ndfdXMLBinding
Operation: CornerPoints
Operation: GmlLatLonList
Operation: GmlTimeSeries
Operation: LatLonListCityNames
Operation: LatLonListLine
Operation: LatLonListSquare
Operation: LatLonListSubgrid
Operation: LatLonListZipCode
Operation: NDFDgen
Operation: NDFDgenByDay
Operation: NDFDgenByDayLatLonList
Operation: NDFDgenLatLonList

6. Double-click on "Request 1" under "LatLonListZipCode". You see a sample SOAP request message for LatLonListZipCode operation.

7. Click "File > Save All Projects" menu and save it as "\fyicenter\NDFD-project.xml".

The picture below shows you how to Create a SOAP Project with a WSDL Document:
Create SOAP Project with WSDL Document


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