Define Variable as Part of BeanShell


How to define a variable as part of a BeanShell script?



You can follow this tutorial to define a variable as part of a BeanShell script.

1. Open Get-Exchange-Rate-2.jmx.

2. Add another variable in the Test Plan:

Name: url

3. Add a BeanShell PreProcessor before the Thread Group with the following script:

URL url = new URL(vars.get("url"));

The above BeanShell script parses the "url" variable into 3 new variables: "urlProtocol", "urlHost" and "urlPath".

4. Open "Last Exchange Rate" and update its properties with:

Protocol: ${urlProtocol}
Server Name: ${urlHost}
Path: ${urlPath}

5. Save the test plan as Get-Exchange-Rate-3.jmx, and run it. You will see the latest exchange rate in the response.

The picture below shows you how to add variables BeanShell scripts:
Add Variables from BeanShell Script


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