Pass Windows Environment Variable to JMeter


How to Pass Windows Environment Variable to JMeter? I want to use Windows temporary folder environment variable in my test plan.



JMeter can not access Windows environment variables directly.

You can follow this tutorial to access Windows environment variable indirectly through JMeter system properties by following this tutorial.

1. Create the following batch file, jmeter.bat, to launch JMeter:

echo off
set JMETER_BIN=\fyicenter\jmeter\bin\
set JVM_ARGS="-Denv.temp=%TEMP%"

2. Run jmeter.bat to start JMeter:

\fyicenter>set TEMP=C:\temp


2. Open "\fyicenter\Facebook-Login-Test-8.jmx".

3. Add the following variable to the test plan:

Name: temp
Value: ${__P(env.temp)}

Now you can access the TEMP environment variable using ${temp} or ${__P(env.temp)}.


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