Types of Test Elements Supported in JMeter


What are different types of test elements supported in JMeter?

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Currently, JMeter supports the following types of test elements:

1. Test Plan - Test plans are the top level container elements in JMeter. A test plan can hold "Thread Group" elements and other non-Sampler elements.

2. Thread Group - Thread groups are the second level container elements in JMeter. A thread group can hold Sampler elements and other non-Sampler elements

3. Sampler - Samplers are primary test elements that performs specific test actions like sending a HTTP request to a remote serve,

4. Listener - Listeners are supporting elements that gather different kinds of information while samplers are executed.

5. Assertion - Assertions are supporting elements that verify sampler results to determine if test targets behave correctly or not.

6. Pre-Processor - Pre-Processors are supporting elements that are executed prior to executions of samplers.

7. Post-Processor - Post-Processors are supporting elements that are execute after executions of samplers.

8. Configuration - Configurations are supporting elements that provide help to samplers.

9. Timer - Timers are special elements that controls the idle time between execution of subsequent samplers.

10. Controller - Controllers are logical containers that groups samplers into logical execution patterns.


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