What Is JMeter HTTP Request


What Is JMeter HTTP Request?

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A JMeter HTTP Request is a kind of test step (also called Sampler) that sends a HTTP request to a remote server.

A JMeter HTTP Request has the following main attributes:

  • Name - Name for this Thread Group.
  • Comments - Comments about this Thread Group.
  • Protocol - The protocol to use, HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Server Name or IP - Identifies the remote server.
  • Port Number - The port number on the remote server where the request should be delivered.
  • Method - The HTTP method to use: GET, POST, etc.
  • Path - The path name of the resource to be requested on the remote server,
  • Parameters - Parameters to be provided as query string.
  • Body Data - Request body.
  • Files Upload - Files to be uploaded.

The picture below shows you a JMeter HTTP Request screen example:
JMeter HTTP Request Screen


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