Selenium Chrome WebDriver Logging in Python


How to turn on Chrome WebDriver logging with Selenium Python API?



If you want to turn on logging on the Chrome WebDriver server with Selenium Python API, you need to specify the "service_args" parameter as shown in this tutorial.

1. Enter the following program,, that turns on Chrome WebDriver server logging:

C:\fyicenter> type

# Copyright (c) 
from selenium.webdriver import Chrome

driver = Chrome(service_args=["--verbose", "--log-path=ChromeDriver.log"])

2. Run it. You see Chrome browser started with Google home page and closed immediately.

C:\fyicenter> python

3. View the log file:

C:\fyicenter> more ChromeDriver.log

[INFO]: Starting ChromeDriver 75.0.3770.90 (...-refs/branch-heads/3770@{#1003})
[INFO]: [b5b86271b18367d488491e09f95a6672] COMMAND InitSession {..}

[INFO]: Launching chrome: "C:\...\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" ...
[DEBUG]: DevTools HTTP Request: http://localhost:60558/json/version
[DEBUG]: DevTools HTTP Response: {...}

[DEBUG]: DevTools WebSocket Command: Log.enable (id=1) 90994CC4347DD37...
[DEBUG]: DevTools WebSocket Command: DOM.getDocument (id=2) 90994CC434...
[DEBUG]: DevTools WebSocket Command: Target.setAutoAttach (id=3) 90994...
[DEBUG]: DevTools WebSocket Command: Page.enable (id=4) 90994CC4347DD3...

[INFO]: [b5b86271b18367d488491e09f95a6672] COMMAND Navigate 
        {"url": ""}
[INFO]: Waiting for pending navigations...

[INFO]: Done waiting for pending navigations. Status: ok
[INFO]: [b5b86271b18367d488491e09f95a6672] RESPONSE Navigate
[INFO]: [b5b86271b18367d488491e09f95a6672] COMMAND Quit {

As you can see, Chrome WebDriver server generated lots of log messages.


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