Create My First JMeter Test


How to Create my First Test with JMeter? I have just installed JMeter on my computer.



You can follow this tutorial to create your first JMeter test.

1. Start JMeter on your computer.

2. Right-click on "Test Plan" in left panel and select "Add > Threads (Users) > Thread Group". You see a new "Thread Group" is added.

3. Right-click on "Thread Group" in the left panel and select "Add > Sampler > HTTP Request". You see a new "HTTP Request" is added.

4. Enter "" in the "Server Name or IP" field.

5. Click "File > Save Test Plan As" menu and save it as "\fyicenter\First-Test.jmx".

The picture below shows you how to create your first JMeter test:
Create First JMeter Test


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