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Automation Standards - Identify what Servers and Databases the automation will run against.

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automation Standards - Identify what Servers and Databases the automation will run against.

This {Project name} will use the following Servers:
{Add servers}
On these Servers it will be using the following Databases:
{Add databases}

Automation Standards - Naming standards for test procedures, cases and plans

The naming standards for this project are:

Recording standards and scripting standards
In order to ensure that scripts are compatible on the various clients and run with the minimum maintenance the following recording standards have been set for all scripts recorded.

1. Use assisting scripts to open and close applications and activity windows.
2. Use global constants to pass data into scripts and between scripts.
3. Make use of main menu selections over using double clicks, toolbar items and pop up menus whenever possible.
4. Each test procedure should have a manual test plan associated with it.
5. Do not Save in the test procedure unless it is absolutely necessary, this will prevent the need to write numerous clean up scripts.
6. Do a window existence test for every window you open, this will prevent scripts dying from slow client/server calls.
7. Do not use the mouse for drop down selections, whenever possible use hotkeys and the arrow keys.
8. When navigating through a window use the tab and arrow keys instead of using a mouse, this will make maintenance of scripts due to UI changes easier in the future.
9. Create a template header file called testproc.tpl. This file will insert template header information on the top of all scripts recorded. This template area can be used for modification tracking and commenting on the script.
10. Comment all major selections or events in the script. This will make debugging easier.
11. Make sure that you maximize all MDI main windows in login initial scripts.
12. When recording make sure you begin and end your scripts in the same position. Ex. On the platform browser always start your script opening the browser tree and selecting your activity (this will ensure that the activity window will always be in the same position), likewise always end your scripts with collapsing the browser tree.

Describe what components of the product that will be tested.
This project will test the following components:
The objective is to:

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