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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Automation Test Preparation

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Automation Test Preparation

  1. Write and receive approval of the ADTP from Generic Project management
  2. Manually test the cases in the plan to make sure they actually work before recording repeatable scripts
  3. Record appropriate scripts and file them according to the naming conventions described within this document
  4. Initial order of automated script runs will be to load GUI Maps through a STARTUP script. After the successful run of this script, scripts testing all paths will be kicked off. Once an appropriate number of PNR’s are generated, GenericCancel scripts will be used to automatically take the inventory out of the test profile and system environment. During the automation test period, requests for testing of certain functions can be accommodated as necessary as long as these functions have the ability to be tested by automation.
  5. The ability to use Generic Automation will be READ ONLY for anyone outside of the test group. Of course, this is required to maintain the pristine condition of master scripts on our data repository.
  6. Generic Test Group will conduct automated tests under the rules specified in our agreement for use of the Winrunner tool marketed by Mercury Interactive.
  7. Results filed for each run will be analyzed as necessary, reports generated, and provided to upper management.

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