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Automation Standards - Client Setup Options for the SQA Robot tool

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automation Standards - Client Setup Options for the SQA Robot tool

Option Window Option Selection
Recording ID list selections by Contents
ID Menu selections by Text
Record unsupported mouse drags as Mouse click if within object
Window positions Record Object as text Auto record window size
While Recording Put Robot in background
Playback Test Procedure Control Delay Between :5000 milliseconds
Partial Window Caption On Each window search
Caption Matching options Check - Match reverse captions Ignore file extensions Ignore Parenthesis
Test Log Test log Management Output Playback results to test log All details
Update SQA repository View test log after playback
Test Log Data Specify Test Log Info at Playback
Unexpected Window Detect Check
Capture Check
Playback response Select pushbutton with focus
On Failure to remove Abort playback
Wait States Wait Pos/Neg Region Retry - 4 Timeout after 90
Automatic wait Retry - 2 Timeout after 120
Keystroke option Playback delay 100 millsec Check record delay after enter key
Error Recovery On Script command Failure Abort Playback
On test case failure Continue Execution
SQA trap Check all but last 2
Object Recognition Do not change
Object Data Test Definitions Do not change
Editor Leave with defaults
Preferences Leave with defaults

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