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Automation Standards - Client Machines Configuration

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automation Standards - Client Machines Configuration

Configuration Item Setting: Notes:
Lotus Notes Shut down lotus notes before using robot. This will prevent mail notification messages from interrupting your scripts and it will allow robot to have more memory.
Close all applications Close down all applications down (except SQA robot recorder and the application you are testing) This will free up memory on the PC.
Shut down printing Select printer window from start menu Select File -> Server Properties Select Advance tab Un-check notify check box
Shut down printing Network Bring up dos prompt Select Z drive Type CASTOFF
Turn off Screensavers Select NONE or change it to 90 minutes
Display Settings for PC Set in Control Panel display application Colors - 256 Font Size - small Desktop 800 X 600 pixels
Map a Network drive to {LETTER} Bring up explorer and map a network drive to here.

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