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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Traceability Matrix

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Traceability Matrix

The purpose of the Traceability Matrix is to identify all business requirements and to trace each requirement through the project's completion.
Each business requirement must have an established priority as outlined in the Business Requirements Document.
They are:
Essential - Must satisfy the requirement to be accepted by the customer.
Useful - Value -added requirement influencing the customer's decision.
Nice-to-have - Cosmetic non-essential condition, makes product more appealing.
The Traceability Matrix will change and evolve throughout the entire project life cycle. The requirement definitions, priority, functional requirements, and automated test cases are subject to change and new requirements can be added. However, if new requirements are added or existing requirements are modified after the Business Requirements document and this document have been approved, the changes will be subject to the change management process.
The Traceability Matrix for this project will be developed and maintained by the test coordinator. At the completion of the matrix definition and the project, a copy will be added to the project notebook.

Functional Areas of Traceability Matrix

# Functional Area Priority
B1 Pond E
B2 River E
B3 Lake U
B4 Sea E
B5 Ocean E
B6 Misc U
B7 Modify E
L1 Language E
EE1 End-to-End Testing EE

B = Order Engine
L = Language
N = Nice to have
EE = End-to-End
E = Essential
U = Useful

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