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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Test Issues and Risks

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Test Issues and Risks

The table below lists known project testing issues to date. Upon sign-off of the ADTP and Detail Test Plan, this table will not be maintained, and these issues and all new issues will be tracked through the Issue Management System, as indicated in the projects approved Issue Management Process

Issue Impact Target Date for Resolution Owner
COMPANY NAME test team is not in possession of market data regarding what browsers are most in use in CUSTOMER target market. Testing may not cover some browsers used by CLIENT customers Beginning of Automated Testing during System and Integration Test Phase CUSTOMER TO PROVIDE
OTHER . . .


The table below identifies any high impact or highly probable risks that may impact the success of the Automated testing process.

Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Area Potential Impact Likelihood of Occurrence Difficulty of Timely Detection Overall Threat(H, M, L)
1. Unstable Environment Delayed Start HISTORY OF PROJECT Immediately .
2. Quality of Unit Testing Greater delays taken by automated scripts Dependent upon quality standards of development group Immediately .
3. Browser Issues Intermittent Delays Dependent upon browser version Immediately .

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