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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Test Approach

Automated Testing Detail Test Plan and Automated Standards

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Automated Testing Detail Test Plan - Test Approach

Description of Approach
The mission of Automated Testing is the process of identifying recordable test cases through all appropriate paths of a website, creating repeatable scripts, interpreting test results, and reporting to project management. For the Generic Project, the automation test team will focus on positive testing and will complement the manual testing undergone on the system. Automated test results will be generated, formatted into reports and provided on a consistent basis to Generic project management.
System testing is the process of testing an integrated hardware and software system to verify that the system meets its specified requirements. It verifies proper execution of the entire set of application components including interfaces to other applications. Project teams of developers and test analysts are responsible for ensuring that this level of testing is performed.
Integration testing is conducted to determine whether or not all components of the system are working together properly. This testing focuses on how well all parts of the web site hold together, whether inside and outside the website are working, and whether all parts of the website are connected. Project teams of developers and test analyst are responsible for ensuring that this level of testing is performed.
For this project, the System and Integration ADTP and Detail Test Plan complement each other.
Since the goal of the System and Integration phase testing is to identify the quality of the structure, content, accuracy and consistency, response time and latency, and performance of the application, test cases are included which focus on determining how well this quality goal is accomplished.
Content testing focuses on whether the content of the pages match what is supposed to be there, whether key phrases exist continually in changeable pages, and whether the pages maintain quality content from version to version.
Accuracy and consistency testing focuses on whether today’s copies of the pages download the same as yesterday’s, and whether the data presented to the user is accurate enough.
Response time and latency testing focuses on whether the web site server responds to a browser request within certain performance parameters, whether response time after a SUBMIT is acceptable, or whether parts of a site are so slow that the user discontinues working. Although Loadrunner provides the full measure of this test, there will be various AD HOC time measurements within certain Winrunner Scripts as needed.
Performance testing (Loadrunner) focuses on whether performance varies by time of day or by load and usage, and whether performance is adequate for the application.
Completion of automated test cases is denoted in the test cases with indication of pass/fail and follow-up action.

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