execute_script() to Run JavaScript in Java


How to run JavaScript code on WebDriver with execute_script() method in Python?

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If you want run some client side JavaScript code in the same way as JavaScript code embedded in the Web page source code, you can use the execute_script() method as describe below:

1. Load the Web page to a WebDriver object like (driver.get(url);).

3. Execute any JavaScript code string by calling the execute_script() or execute_async_script() method on the WebDriver object.

Here is an example program that uses execute_script() to change the background color of the loaded Web page.

# JavaScriptTest.py
# Copyright (c) FYIcenter.com 
from selenium.webdriver import Chrome
import time

driver = Chrome()

script = "document.body.style.backgroundColor=\"#ffeeee\";"


Run the program, you will see that the background color of the Web page changes to pink in 3 seconds.

C:\fyicenter> python JavaScriptTest.py

You can also try some other JavaScript code examples list below:

      String script = "alert(\"Hello world!\")";
      String script = "confirm(\"Hello world!\")";


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