Use "while ..." Command in Selenium IDE for Chrome


How to Use "while ..." Command in Selenium IDE for Chrome?



When using "while ..." Commands in test steps in Selenium IDE for Chrome, you need to remember the following:

1. Use "while ... end" to form a loop block of test steps.

2. Use JavaScript Boolean expression syntax to specify conditions to "while" commands.

3. ${variable} is allowed in condition expressions.

4. You can use "execute script" command in loop block to update the loop condition control variable in ${variable} format. But Selenium IDE variables are considered as text strings. You need to convert them to number, if needed.

Here is a sample test called "While" on how to use variables:

1  store | 0 | sum
2  store | 1 | count
3  while | ${count} <= 10
4     execute script | return Number(${sum}) + Number(${count}); | sum 
5    execute script | return Number(${count})+1; | count
6  end
7  echo ${sum}

Here is the log output when you execute the above test.

1. store on 0 with value sum OK
2. store on 1 with value count OK
3. while on ${count} <= 10 with value 100 OK
4. executeScript on return Number(${sum}) + Number(${count}); with value sum OK
5. executeScript on return Number(${count})+1; with value count OK
6. end OK
echo: 55


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