"Execution Timeout Expired" Error on Azure Portal


Why am I getting the "Execution Timeout Expired" error when using the "Query Editor" on Azure Portal?

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If you are running a query or a script that runs more than 5 minutes in the Query Editor on Azure Portal, you will get the "Execution Timeout Expired" error, because Query Editor has 5-minute timeout setting. And this not configure.

For example, if you run the script, fyi_block_insert.sql, in the Query Editor with @Count = 100000, you will get the following error message after 5 minutes:

Failed to execute query. Error: Execution Timeout Expired.  The timeout 
period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not 

You can ignore this error, because the query will continue to run to the end. But you will get any output generated at the end of the execution. The Web page is disconnected with the execution session.

If you know the script will be executed more than 5 minutes, you can consider the following alternatives:

  • Send the output to a table in the database instead of the console.
  • Install SQL Server Management Studio and run the script from your local machine.


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